We all love the image of swinging in a hammock. They conjure a dream of being at ease. A symbol of inviting relaxation into your life. The reason why Bohorockers feature in so many boutique hotels around the world; hung in bedrooms, on the balconies, in the reception and by the pool.

Bohemian rocking chairs. Contemporary Chill Chic. Once you know about them, then you know…and space will be made …because there is nothing quite like them for a comfy retreat or complimenting your conservatory or terrace furniture. Using the Sunbrella fabric range, the chairs can live outdoors.

Bohorockers have been making the hanging chair since 2003, perfecting it to come as many buyers say, the most comfortable chair they have sat in. The Bohorocker has great character. A unique design, made by hand with great care in the U.K.

Chill out in your garden, conservatory, playroom,TV nook, nursery or bedroom. choose an interior or exterior fabric and whether to hang from the ceiling with a spreader bar kit or from the popular free standing low rider rocker stand.

The bohorocker chair hammock makes the perfect gift. An original present, a place to find refuge, chill out, to feel and look good, that the receiver will cherish.

Why buy a Bohorocker?

We should let the designer, Philip Cooper tell the story…

The traditional chair hammock is a piece of fabric hung with a few strings, which generally is uncomfortable, stretches and fades. I was so disappointed in my experience. I was amazed no one had made an improved version. I saw the opportunity to evolve the design, to correct each dysfunction and make the best hanging chair possible, without compromise. A luxury hammock chair that compliments our European lifestyle and design expectations.

The hammock makeover

I made the chair 30% wider at 120cm and used 2 or 3 piece thick fabric to stop stretching. Bohorockers are made with soft natural textured fabrics with a strong weave, like Sunbrella acrylic exterior fabric that has the appearance and texture of cotton. For inside the best quality faux furs and soft distressed faux leathers, and one off rolls of textile designed fabric.

The chairs have 60 chord lengths using 90 meters of rope creating a supportive sitting profile, perfect for reading, computer time or gazing.. The 12 sausage cushions sewn in, create shape and offers support. I wished to be able to sit up or fully recline, so i designed the integrated leg extension giving a total length of 230cm.

Bohorockers new low rider stand, made from oxidized steel looks natural and frames the lounge chair. The stand has a load strength of 250kg, it is easy to erect, stable when swinging and robust to deal with all weather. The elegant rocker stand compliments the furniture it hangs loose with.

My preference is to hang the chair inside from hooks drilled into beams in the ceiling in various rooms, the hanging chair gives aesthetic pleasure, like an art piece hanging loose, it swings free when hung from the ceiling. the rocker stand is more practical to use particularly outside.


Many people who have bought Bohorocker chairs send us messages telling how it is their best find ever. How comfortable they are. How stylish they look. How all there friends admire the Bohorocker, about it’s magical quietness inside, like a cocoon. How it sets off the room with a relaxed look. How they can never get to sit in it because someone else gets there first!!!! and buy a second one….and when they do they are overcome with a feeling of inner calm. Celebrate life, take time to relax, buy a Bohorocker.

Bohorockers mostly manufacture for others to sell, we always have a limited collection of one off Bohorockers. Bohorockers also custom make chairs with clients sending 560cm of minimum 140cm wide fabric.

may all who sit be happy!

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