Philip Cooper is based in Gloucestershire U.K. and uses rockers all the time, hanging in his home and workshop. Philip is often found swinging inside with his laptop...

“My rocker is my sanctuary. I regularly retreat for 20 minutes. Initially the chair swings but then slows down and I find its’ centre. I notice my breath and an inner calm spreads over me. I nearly fall asleep, but then remember I am busy. Recharged I return.”

The Bohorocker design came to me when I was trying to adapt to a Spanish lifestyle and learning the art of siesta. This was in Tarifa, Spain, the surf town overlooking Morocco. The chair is ideal for a deep relaxing moment. Its’ design came to me in 2003 when I was sitting in an uncomfortable hammock. I bought a sewing machine and fabric, worked out my design and made four. These were bought by a surf shop and my small cottage business had begun.

The design got better organically. First with the addition of the leg extension and then sewn-in cushions. Next came the rocker stand design evolution; each year a new and better design, to where we are today.

In 2005 a Spanish interior magazine Habitannia, did a full colour story on my hammock chairs and business production expanded.

By 2006 a manufacturing system was set up in India, creating a brushed cotton export model which sold in volume.

The Bohorocker chair was sold globally as a mid range priced product. But in the financial crisis of 2009 these products suffered, to where we are today with only cheap or expensive alternatives.

Sales dropped and we adapted to make top end, small batch limited collections, with no compromise, either in terms of workmanship or materials here in the UK.

Today on this site, we offer the best chairs Bohorockers have ever made. I am always striving to give you the best possible experience, creating a chair that looks inviting incorporating comfort without equal.

Bohorockers also design and make cabins, specialising in sacred space garden retreats with hot tubs and saunas. Bohorockers also source yurt frames and make custom inner and outer covers for tents.

We would like to introduce Georgie Ruthven who is now involved in sales and marketing for Bohorockers. Her life story is full of great tales and Georgie is a “birth doula” and teaches hypnobirthing. She came to Bohorockers with her use of the chairs as a maternity nursing chair, ideal for her mothers’ to breast feed, nap and bond with their babies.
She looks forward to discussing all things Bohorocker with you soon.

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