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Choose which colour, texture and weight from the selection of solution dyed acrylics.
You have 2 choices, one for each side.

Urban garden

Weight: 240 g/m²

Weekend collection

Weight: 230 g/m²


335 g/m² XS price: £20/side


275 g/m² XS price: £15/side


270 g/m² XS: £15/side


365 g/m² XS: £30/side

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Limited Collection. Ready made, instant delivery.

Bohorockers Siesta

a limited edition Bohorocker Siesta made from this heavy weight acrylic weather proof fabric, hung in a Bohorocker deck stand with a beige powder coating.

£ 790 GBP + shipping

Bohorockers Chrysalis

a ready made model, made from a grey and a black patterned solution dyed acrylic fabric, hung in the Bohorockers deck stand with a grey powder coating and a grey solution dyed parasol with fibreglass frame.

£ 1140 GBP + shipping

Bohorockers are made from solution dyed acrylic fibres, creating a fabric with a natural feel which is water resistant, colour fast, mold proof and stain resistant.